Maximize Online Advertising

Tips to Maximize Online Advertising


Online advertising quickly becomes the main platform for advertising businesses. Within four years, the online promotion will surpass all others.

Because of this trend competition is increasing as the online marketplace gets overcrowded with ads. It is easy for small businesses and startups to get lost in a sea of other businesses.

Here are some tips to help make your online ads more successful.

Google AdWords: Features

Google AdWords comes with many features. One of the greatest features is site links. These allow you the ability to add a few links to your site at the bottom of your ad. These links can be any type of information, including “Free Trial”, Pricing,” Locations,” etc.

These features are very easy to set up and free to include in your ads. These features can increase the size of your ads which will lead to higher click-through. A bigger ad will catch the eye (just like the ads we used for the phone book).

Define Your Negative Keywords

You may be wondering what this term means if you’ve never heard it before. These are the keywords that you don’t want your ads to appear. It is not a good idea to offer free trials, software, or samples. This will make it difficult for people to click your ad and search for free stuff. This will result in you paying nothing but your money. This is why you should include “free”, as one of your keywords.

Be Specific About Your Facebook Ad Targets

The more targeted your ads will be, the better they will perform. Facebook allows you to choose which targeting options you want.

Broad categories will give you a greater audience but not a specific one. One of the predetermined types that will fit your audience well is “single moms” or “baseball lovers”.

To make it easier to reach a narrower but more targeted audience, you can break down the specific interest categories. These categories are taken from Facebook profiles or activities.

Attach images to Facebook Calls for Action

The truth is that images always get the most attention. To get people to respond to a call to action, add an image. Right now, the maximum size of the images you can attach is 100 x 72 pixels. Try different images to find which ones get the most attention. Images that include a person are more successful than images with just a logo.

Retargeting Is Worth Looking Into

Retargeting is what Google refers to as Remarketing. It allows you to reach people who have been to your site in the past and show them relevant ads when those people visit other sites within a particular network or, in Google’s case, the Google Display Network.

Many businesses choose not to use the option of remarketing in their Google AdWords account. This feature adds visitors to your site to a list that can be used for retargeting. Your ads will appear on any other websites that they visit after they have left your page. This is a way of keeping your name front and center for prospects even after they leave your page.

No matter what online advertising method you choose to use, quality content is key. You don’t want your prospect to see you as a salesman pushing your products. The right content is key to winning customers. Quality over quantity is the goal of your advertisements.

An Internet advertising agency can help you to create and place ads that will reach your target audience. They can also track the performance of your ads and make necessary adjustments to improve your results.

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