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Tips to play online fantasy cricket


There is no better time to play fantasy cricket for fantasy cricket fans than now. Given that fantasy cricket is a skill-based game, this will be a great chance for fantasy specialists to demonstrate their worth to the rest of the community. It would be a tantalising experience to rub elbows with the top fantasy cricket analysts.

One of the most popular sports in the country is fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket win real cash platforms

With only small variations from one website to the next, one must select the ideal eleven for a certain game. Despite the fact that there are several matches played on a daily basis, the essential fantasy cricket tips and methods remain mostly same. Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s review the basics of fantasy cricket.

The main concept of fantasy cricket is to select an eleven-player team for a certain match. However, there are some online fantasy cricket tips to follow in order to select a well-balanced squad.

Selecting Players from the Starting Eleven

 While it may appear straightforward at the time of reading, you may not have the option to switch teams at the toss. While most fantasy cricket applications show whether a player is playing or not, other cricketing websites, such as SuperFantasyLobby, can also provide this information. Choosing a player who is injured or not in the starting eleven means entering a game with only 10 players instead of eleven, which isn’t ideal.

Pitch Conditions: An Overview

In any contest, the pitch conditions are crucial. You must first determine if the pitch is high-scoring or low-scoring. Based on this information, you might be able to strike a better balance between selecting more batters and bowlers. Another important consideration is the quantity of spin and swing available. While most subcontinent pitches favour spinners, green turfs provide greater carry and assistance to pacers. While such information isn’t easily available, fantasy cricket advice applications can provide useful information.

Weather Conditions: An Overview

Rain throws all your preparations out the window, even if you have the perfect squad and set-up for a complete game. Users of fantasy should keep check of the weather conditions ahead of time.  Knowing the weather forecast might put you one step closer to winning a fantasy game before it ever starts. Such information may be found on fantasy cricket tips apps and websites that give fantasy cricket match information and advice.

Potential vs. Form

While in a fantasy platform, a player’s form is a superior statistic, one must find a balance between form and potential. Users of fantasy sports frequently make the evident error of selecting players based on their performance in the prior game.  Betting on athletes that are out of form might also be a good way to make money on a fantasy sports website.

Keeping a Fantasy Team in Balance

Selecting the ideal fantasy squad on Game of Guru or any other platform does not imply selecting the most talented players on paper. To put together an ideal squad, you must strike a balance between batters and bowlers. Consider yourself the coach of a squad whose primary goal is to choose eleven players who you believe will perform well on any given day. Consider match-ups. If a player has a poor record against one team, you may want to consider a different choice. You may also mess about with your squad’s rules and players. A player has never won a fantasy competition by selecting all of the famous names, which emphasises the need of balancing the team.

Batsmen in the top order vs. batsmen in the middle order

The top-order batters are usually the ones who score the most runs. In a similar vein, it is preferred to have at least two batters in the first four positions in a batting order. It wouldn’t make sense to select hitters who bat at number five on a high-quality batting surface. It may be necessary to shift about middle-order batsmen at times, particularly when the new ball swings around. As previously said, knowing the weather and pitch conditions can help you make better decisions on who to back in the side.


In cricket, the toss is a wonderful leveller. Even if one does not have much understanding of the sport, it is clear to see how the throw benefits a team.  The batting order, personnel, and who has the edge in this game can all be seen after the toss. You gain an advantage over your opponents by identifying such fantasy cricket match information and suggestions. Fantasy cricket necessitates a high level of talent, but patience is also required.


One of the greatest questions is if our fantasy squad has the proper amount of batsmen and bowlers. Within the fantasy squad, a balance must be achieved depending on the overarching requirements. While some players prefer to select more batsmen, this strategy fails when the bat and ball are more evenly matched. In an ideal situation, a team should feature four outright batters, four outright bowlers, two all-rounders, and a wicket-keeper. Fantasy platforms like Game of Guru and Faboom, on the other hand, let you to choose up to five batters or an extra allrounder based on form and skill.

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