Top Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Getting Indexed On Google

Top Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Getting Indexed On Google


This is commonly observed: most people don’t click past the first page of SERP. This means that if your business is not appearing on the first page of the search engine, your clients will probably missyour content and you will ultimately lose important leads that could have converted and led to a revenue increase. Unfortunately, if that’s not the case, then you immediately need to solve the problem. While there are many factors that you need to take care of, having a steady internet connection is of utmost importance as you cant fix this issue if you are constantly getting disconnected from the internet. While there are plenty of service providers, who offer exceptional services in amazing packages and deals, we recommend that you get hold of one of the Centurylink internet deals, that provides some fantastic internet solutions at reasonable monthly rates.

Top Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Being Indexed On Google

There are plenty of reasons as to why your website isn’t getting indexed on Google. We listed several factors and their solutions so that you can instantly fix your problem!

You Have A New Website That’s Not Indexed

Every new website faces this issue of not showing up on the first page of the search results but this is never a guaranteed factor. It can happen to any website, new or not. However, do keep in mind that it may take several weeks for Google to index your website, which may eventually reflect the change in the website’s search results.

Nonetheless, one thing that most new website owners can do is get their website consulted by an expert SEO analyst like to know exactly where their website stands.

The Content Of Your Website Is Drab And Boring

Content has been declared king and for good reason. If your webcopy doesn’t interest your reader, they will simply move away. If the reader moves away, they will not return to the website because your product doesn’t hold any information that might fascinate them. That’s why a website owner needs to invest all his time and resources to create content that’s fresh, new, and awe-spiring. To achieve the best result, always ensure that your content is close to the trends while being innovative and cool at the same time.

Your Website Hasn’t Been Optimized For Web Search

Another reason why your website isn’t appearing on the first page is that your website has not been correctly optimized. Most newbies don’t understand the importance of this step. While most websites may have a great web design, be user-friendly, and champion several positive factors, if the SEO isn’t done right, then it’s no use at all. We recommend that you perform a comprehensive SEO audit that will help you spruce up those few areas of improvement so that you can boost your rankings on the internet.Another factor that you may want to take care of is the speed of the website. If your website isn’t loading quickly, it will bore your visitor, who may be inclined to visit some other website, just because yours is taking too long.

You Are Using Far More Competitive Keywords For Your Website

If your content’s not converting leads into anything, it’s time you take a look at your keywords. If your content is always updated but the same problem recurs, try keyword targeting. This may be helpful if your brand has expanded or if you are working for bigger brands. We suggest that you target long-tail, specific SEO phrases, that usually contain three or more keywords. While long-tail keywords may be less competitive, they will still give you a better chance of ranking at the top. Additionally, long-tail keywords can specify what the user is searching for on the internet while on the creator’s front, they will be able to create specific content that their reader is specifically searching for.

The Website Doesn’t Offer An Engaging User Experience (UX)

While content is called King and may captivate your online visitor into visiting the website again. But this is also equally important and is considered a strong factor that should not be ignored. It should be carefully kept in the brief before you lay the groundwork for your website. If your website doesn’t look visually appealing to the visitor or is not user-friendly and easy to navigate, then they may not visit again. You need to make sure that your website presents a positive experience to the visitor to boost referrals, reduce bounce rates, engage them so that the customers are more inclined towards returning to your website. This will eventually result in higher rankings.

The Bottom Line…

Although we listed some reasons as to why your website isn’t getting indexed on Google, always ensure that you are connected to the internet to know minute-by-minute updates of your progress. However, if you are unable to do so because of unreliable internet service, consider paying a visit to buytvinternetphone and see which connection suits your budget and can easily be installed in your region.

Some of these ISPs are currently reigning at the top, so they would probably have excellent service. Select a top-tiered internet service provider now!

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